Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time for a Break.

Break TimeIt is time for a break so I won’t be posting to the blog for the month of October, unless there is something absolutely groundbreaking or so important it cannot wait. (Can you believe it is already October!?)

A couple months ago I posted how I am going to split up my genealogy time between the different lines I am researching, you can read that post here; Research Prioritization and Focus.

So, this is the beginning of a new quarter so I am making the switch from my maternal lines; Pakledinaz and Lucas, to my wife’s lines; Rogers, Capen, Nisgoda. My wife’s lines have, by far, been the most neglected in our research so I need to take some time to gather what information I have and ensure it is all updated in our database, Legacy Family Tree and everything is documented and cited correctly. As I’m doing this, I need to determine my next steps, develop my research plans, and then execute on those plans. Somehow I am thinking that it may take the whole quarter just to do this stuff.

Along with that, I have some loose ends on the Pakledinaz and Lucas lines to tie up before I can officially break from that line. I have a couple research logs that I have been following and I want to make sure they are tidied up and everything is documented correctly so when I pick up with this line in several months, I have a clean transfer and I don’t end up duplicating research. Plus, I still have some information that I’ve found or received and have not entered into the database yet. I don’t want to leave it lying around and then in a couple months it is forgotten or buried within papers of another line – mistakes I’ve made in the past and do not want to repeat.

Those are the excuses I have for taking a break from the blog for the month of October and I am sticking with them. I will be back on the first of November. Don’t forget that it is the first of the month so back up that data.

Have you taken a break from your blog to tidy up your research? How did that work out for you?

Thanks for reading and keep diggin’ for that family.