The Origins of our Hinterhauser Name

The Hinterhauser name comes to us from Germany. Martin Hinterhauser, my 5th Great Grandfather, was born on 9 February 1751 in Kartung-Sinzheim, Schwarzwald, Baden. This little village is located off Autobahn 5 in Germany, just south of Karlsruhe in the current German State of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

Martin is one of our Immigrant Ancestors. In 1786, Martin and his 1st wife, Franziska Binder, traveled down the Danube river where they stopped in Vienna on 22 May. Martin said he was a peasant farmer and carpenter, he was 35 years old and a Catholic. He was on his way to the Batschka region of Hungary, to a town called Fillopowa, which is now called Backi Gracac and located in Serbia.

It is in Filipowa that Franziska must have died as Martin married my 5th Great Grandmother, Katharina Morlock on 24 April 1787. They moved to the village of Brestowatz, not far away from Filipowa sometime around 1789 and this is where Martin died on 27 September 1793.

The next few generations of Hinterhauser's would move around the region between the villages of Fillipowa, Brestowatz, Weprowatz until my 3rd Great Grandparents, Phillipp and Magdalena Hinterhauser settled in the village of Milititsch. It is here that our next immigrant ancestor would be born.

Anna Maria Hinterhauser
Anna Maria Hinterhauser, born 28 February 1890 in Milititsch, Batschka, Austro-Hungarian Empire. She is my Great Grandmother and wife of John Pakledinaz. Anna, at the young age of 19, would risk everything to find a new life in America. She made her way across Europe to the port of Le Havre, France and boarded the S.S. Mexico on 7 August 1909.

She arrived at Ellis Island on 20 Aug 1909. She paid her own passage and had $15 in her possession at the time and said she was a servant. She said she was traveling to Trenton, NJ to join her cousin. Not sure if this is an error at Ellis Island but Anna's brother, Adam, was already living in Youngstown, Ohio and this is where Anna found herself. Her and John met through Adam and were married just five months after Anna's arrival in America.

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