Disclosure Statement

Apparently I have to give you full disclosure on my blog or some government agency and their thugs will come shoot me! Maybe not shoot me but get on my butt about something I'm doing or saying that I shouldn't be doing or saying. So here it is!

I fully disclose to any and all readers of this blog (if there are any) that I am new to blogging and do not make a dime off of any post I make nor do I take any profit from any company, product, etc... that I may write about. If I decide to monetize this blog or any of my blogs then I will make sure that I let everyone know right here in this disclosure statement.

Anything that I write on this blog is my own personal opinion and I am not necessarily trying to endorse any product or company for the purpose of making a profit for myself. If I say I like a product, company, website, blog, or whatever then I honestly mean that I like them and would recommend them to my mom, sister, brother (well, depends on which brother).

If you have any questions or concerns about content then please let me know through the email/contact info available on the blog.

Thank you for attending my disclosure statement lecture. Happy Reading.

Mr. Government, Sir, I hope I have made you happy and I have served you well in my statement.