Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slow and Easy - With a Few Distractions

Cypress Gardens-4Its been a week or so since my restart. Things are going pretty good and I think I can pat myself on the back.

I have been able to start on my photo organizing adventure using Photoshop Lightroom and have been making some ok progress reviewing information in my genealogy database. 

I said I was going to start with our parents but I started with our Great Grandpa Pakledinaz. Not sure why I started with him, but at least I started. I use Legacy Family Tree as my database so I want to make sure I am taking full advantage of the software and entering sources correctly and as intended by the software. So, as I go through each entry in my database I am also verifying the source and entering it correctly.

Even though I would much rather be on the search for new information, I am very glad that I am taking a back-to-basics approach. I have only reviewed a few things so far, but I am finding holes in my previous research and finding new things out. For instance, in 1910 our Great Grandma Pakledinaz stated that she spoke German and not English on the census. I knew she spoke German from talking with family, but I did not know that she immigrated to the States (1909) not being able to speak English. Adds a new dimension to the struggle she must have faced uprooting herself and traveling thousands of miles to start a new life at 19 years old. Kind of puts some things in perspective for me and I really want to find out more about her life. Which leads to the difficulties of this week: I have come down with and must battle RDS (Research Distraction Syndrome).

I have been quickly diverted so many times this week into doing actual research and not sticking with my plan of just working with what I have. I find myself entering the 1930 Census information and notice I do not have the 1940 downloaded yet, so off I go to to check it out. Before I know it, I’m looking at military records, public data records, etc… And not for John Pakledinaz, but for any and all other Pakledinaz that comes up in a search. I must stop this – I would be much further in my restart, if it weren’t for RDS.

I am making a new pledge to fight and refrain from RDS until I can get what I already have completed, which I am guessing will take about 1 year. Sounds like a lot but I have a lot of information also.

For those that have tried what I am doing, do you find you come down with RDS? Let us know in the comments section how you fight RDS.

Thanks for reading and keep diggin for that family.



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