Monday, July 7, 2014

Draft Registration Cards–John Pakledinaz

Over the past week I have been looking a little more at some information I have for my Great Grandfather, John Pakledinaz. The records of interest are his draft registration cards from World War I and World War II.

imageThe document above is his WWI registration card. This is what it tells us:

1. It gives me his address on Sept 12, 1918. I can add this to my google maps where I track their movements.

2. Confirms his date of birth.

3. It says that he was a citizen of Hungary, which is consistent with my my other information. It also says that he was an alien, non-declarant. This is good information as it narrows down dates for me to look for any declaration paperwork he may have submitted – I know it was not before this date.

4. It gives his occupation and who he worked for and where he worked. The Penobscot building was not very far from where he lived.

5. The card gives a brief description, a tall, slender build male with brown eyes and dark brown hair. It also says that he didn’t have any obvious physical condition that would disqualify him for service.



The documents above and to the left are his WWII registration cards. They tell us the following:

1. It gives his address on April 27, 1942.

2. Another confirmation of his birth date. Also gives his place of birth as Yugoslavia which is consistent with other information –Yugoslavia came into existence after WWI. So, when he was born, it wasn’t called Yugoslavia but was at the time of this registration card.

3. Says that he was unemployed.  Interesting and I would like to find out more.

4. It also gives a description of him; 5ft 10.5in tall, hazel eyes, black hair, and a ruddy complexion. (Which meant he had a healthy, reddish color) It also tells us that he didn’t have any obvious physical characteristics that would aid in his identification.

The last piece of information that these two cards give me intensifies a little mystery I have for John. What was his middle name or initial, if he even had one.

If you will notice in his WWI registration card, he gives no middle initial but in his WWII card, he says it was M. and he even signs his name with the M. initial.

I also have his Death certificate where his middle initial was given as J.

The birth record I have for him makes no mention of a middle name. (a future post will talk about his birth/baptism record).

Only further research may reveal his true middle initial or name, if he truly had one. I’ll be going through all my information again looking for any evidence of a middle initial or name being used.  But for now, in my database, I am listing him without the middle initial or name.

Did I miss anything or if you have something to add, please leave a comment with your information.

If you would like to read more about John, I have written about him many times; Census Sunday, Ships Manifest, Rookie Mistake, Pakledinaz - Irish??, Surname Saturday, and Ancestor Appreciation Day.

Thanks for stopping by and keep diggin’ for that family.


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