Sunday, September 22, 2013

This Day in History–22 September

1795 – Simon Csihas married Anna Maria Schiebli, our 5th Great Grandparents. They were married in Batschsentiwan, Batschka, Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • German VillageSimon was born in Bohemia (Böhmen), 1751 and he died in Batschsentiwan on 3 November 1805.
  • Anna Maria was born 15 Feb 1777 in Apatin, Batschka, Austro-Hungarian Empire.
1841 – Ottilie Barbara Jaeschke was born in Colonie Wilczak. She is my kids 4th Great Grandmother on my wife's side. She married Johann Ernst Heinrich Gierig on 2 April 1865 in Bromberg, Colonie Wilczak.
NOTE:   Not sure but we think Colonie Wiczak was located near the current town of Bydgoszcz, Poland.
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