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Where Did This Come From? Hinterhauser Bible?

Hinterhauser Bible PageI can add to the string of mistakes I’ve made when I was a very young and inexperienced genealogist. The document to the right is a scan out of a Hinterhauser family bible (transcription below). At least that is what I remember. See, although I have the scan saved on my computer I have nothing that tells me when I got it or from whom I got it.

I do remember that it was very early in my family history journey, probably about 2002. I know that it was the first big break-through of my search for Hinterhausers. Since I was in Germany at the time, I asked a co-worker to look at it and they explained the words to me and also that it looked to come from a Familienbuch or Ortssippenbuch. They helped me research a little which led me to finding these families in German records from the Batschka region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and even back to the original German villages of our Hinterhauser line and also the most distant relatives I have found, my 6th Great Grandparents – Josef and Magdalena (Schwahl) Morlock. These are the parents of Katharina Morlock who are not listed on the bible page.

This is where this page fits into our family:

No 1841 marriage is Augustine Hinterhauser to Rosalia Csihas – these are my 2nd Great Grandparents. Their son, listed underneath them, Augustine is the brother of my Great Grandmother, Anna Maria (Hinterhauser) Pakledinaz. I have written about her in a couple different posts: Ancestor Appreciation and also on the Hinterhauser Page/Post.

This mystery page was very critical to my early search but due to my poor record keeping and just plain inexperience, I do not know exactly where it came from. 

My goal in sharing this is to 1) find out if I can locate some cousins who may even have the bible where this was written and 2) give a bit of advice to anyone just starting out – Document…Document…Document everything about everything you receive in your journey.

So, do I have any cousins out there that may have seen this page before? Maybe you have this mystery bible in your possession? Please leave a comment if you have any relation to these lines.

Thanks for stopping by and keep diggin’ for that family.


Here is the transcription and translation of that document:

Page 326

No. 1833 Hinterhauser Martin Son of H(interhauser). Martin & Anna Marie Scheuer 1

Katharina Morlock


Son Of

No. 1834 Hinterhauser Martin & Katharina Morlock 2

Hinterhauser Josef & Frau Anna Teppert daughter of Andreas Tep. Susan Krembacher

Son of

No. 1835 Hinterhauser Josef & Anna Teppert 3

Hinterhauser Philippe Frau Madgalena Kehl daughter Andreas Keho Eva Umlau


Page 327 Son of

No 1837 Hintehauser Philipp & frau Magdalena Kehl 4

Hinterhauser Augustine Frau Rosalia Csihas daughter Josef C(sihas). Anna Maria Piller


Son of

No 1841 Hinterhauser Augustine & Frau Rosalia Csihas 5

Hinterhauser Augustine Frau Elisabeth Stoos daughter Johann Stoos ?

Son of

Hinterhauser Augustine & Elizabeth Stohr

No 6 Josef Hinterhauser 6

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