Friday, May 20, 2011

Genealogy Time Management

timeIn my ‘About this Blog’ page I mentioned that I read an article a long time ago about doing genealogy in four hours a week. Well, I was right and I found that article. I actually found  a copy on my hard drive and then found that it still exists in the archives. It is written my Patricia Law Hatcher in March 2003 and you can find that article here.. I am going to reread this article several times and see if me and the wife can implement some of her advise. I will keep you posted on what works and what doesn’t. However, if I keep posting on the blog then that may be a clue that something must be working.

Until next time, keep diggin’ for family,


Photo by: John-Morgan


  1. Good article - thanks for sharing. I usually spend a little more than 4 hours a week, but I find that when I'm focused and committed - as the author suggests - that's when I get the most done.

  2. Thanks for pointing us toward this article. I got a lot out of it, especially a selected time each week for research and one focused subject. I, like the author, tend to get sidetracked easily and end up reading obits or a bio that has absolutely nothing to do with my family. So one particular family line is a good idea. I'm going to start on these tips right away.
    Thanks! ~ Cindy