Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Day in History–26 May

A View coming into Weselberg, Germany (2005)My 7th Great Grandmother, Anna Margaretha Lutz was born in Weselberg, Germany on 26 May 1727.

Anna married my 7th Great Grandfather, Michael Deppert, on 23 Nov 1745 in Horbach, Germany.

I visited Horbach in 2005 and took the video in which you can see the church still standing.

Video of Horbach, Germany taken in 2005 by Chris (Author)

Anna and Michael are important to our family line as they are also one of the immigrant families in my line. They immigrated to Boglar, currently located in Hungary, between 1764 and 1765. The family stayed in this area until my Great Grandmother, Anna Maria Hinterhauserlpakjm_hinam_1950abt came to the states on 20 Aug 1909. She would eventually marry my Great Grandfather, John Michael Pakledinaz, on 15 Jan 1910 in Youngstown, Ohio. John was another immigrant, coming from modern day Croatia on 3 Aug 1905.

Thanks for taking a look and keep diggin for family.



P.S. I want to thank Blundering Blindly Backwards blog for the idea to have a ‘this day in history’ post.

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  1. I also like this idea. It is a good way to compile a quick post when you want to make and entry and your mind isn't feeling creative :-)
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)