Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday’s Obituary–2nd Lt William V. Capen

William_Capen_s_Obit (715x800)

Today’s blogging theme gives me a great chance to continue posting on my search for information on William Capen, which started my blogging endeavor. This is an obituary that my wife received from one of her distant cousins. It is a great piece of information that will give clues of where to search for information on him. He went to the airplane school at Princeton University and instructed at the aviation school at Love Field, Dallas. It even says the school he graduated from and when and gives information that he was engaged to be married when he was killed in France. Obituary’s can be a great source of information and clues to further your search. I know I have not given the obituaries the credit they deserve but really need to change that.

Good Luck to everyone on their own searches and keep diggin’ for your family.


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  1. Hi - I believe your William Capen was born in 1894 to Edward Capen and Louise Hodgson Capen. Can give more details if you like. Rich Capen,