Friday, August 1, 2014

Follow Friday–My Favorites from the Last Week (or so…)

_MG_8269The below blog posts caught my attention over the past week or so and thought I would pass them along in case you missed them.

- "The Value of 10 Minutes: Writing Advice for the Time-Less Academic” Gregory Semenza talks about the value of taking that advice we have all heard – (I really need to listen this time).  NOTE: I actually found this post from recommendations of Elizabeth M. Covart at her blog;

- "Would They Change Their Names?" Might be an interesting read for those searching for their Revolutionary War ancestors

- "Megan Marshall on Writing History with Arguments" – Elizabeth Covart does a 3-part series on Margaret Fullers writing, covering her approach to writing and style. It boils down to finding that story and telling the story.

I hope you find these useful or that the very least interesting.

Thanks for reading and keep diggin’ for that family.



  1. These sound very timely for me since I'm right in the middle of writing about one of my ancestors who was an officer in the Continental Army. Thanks!

    1. Wendy, thanks for stopping by and I hope they can be of use to you and your writing. I would love to find an ancestor that was an officer in that time-frame - I would just like to find any ancestor who served back then - I'll keep looking. Thanks