Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Day in History–10 August


1719 – Sara Bradford (Wife’s 2nd cousin 8 times removed) was born in Boston, Mass.

1781 – Anna Maria Teppert (5th Great Grandaunt) was born in Apatin, Batschka, Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1843 – Josephus Csihas married Anna Maria Piller (3rd Great Grandparents) in the village of Milititsch, Batschka, Austro-Hungarian Empire.

1887 – Appolonia Hinterhauser (Great Grandaunt) was born in Milititsch, Batschka, Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sadly, she would die of Dropsy when she was only 3 years old.

1937 – Eva Hinterhauser (2nd Cousin once removed) was born. Not sure of the place. She died in one of the concentration camps setup in post-war Yugoslavia for the persecution of the Germans living in the area (Donauschwabens). You can read a good article about the camps here: Human Misery: Life in a Death Camp

Thank you for reading – if you find a link to our family or would like to know anything more about those listed above, please contact me.

Keep diggin’ for that family.


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